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ADD MOSS is a 5 piece alternative rock band from Martinez, CA.

Aussie Bridger (vocals and various instruments),

Jon Lesher (lead guitar),

Robert Cheifetz (saxophone),

John Riggs (drums), 

Ben Mishler (bass). 

Left to Right; B.M., R.C., A.B., J.L. JR.


Aussie Bridger (vocals and various instruments),

Jon Lesher (lead guitar), Robert Cheifetz (saxophone),

John Riggs (drums), and Ben Mishler (bass). 

Left to Right; B.M., R.C., A.B., J.L. JR.


   Oakland Tribune Article

"Six Music Performers To See"


Six Flags Marine World Amusement Park

Plant Hallway+.jpg

The Plant Studios, Sausalito.

   "Death of the Exhibition"


Playing with Frankie Muniz (Malcolm In The Middle)


Rock 'N Roll Archaeologists from Martinez, CA.
Begun as a duo, multi-instrumentalists Aussie Bridger and Joey the Coyote recorded various noises on boom boxes and 4-Track tape that evolved into a 4 piece band featuring Jeff Caroompas (Bass) and King Naldo (Lead Guitar). In this incarnation, two albums of quasi-democratic authorship were recorded via digital 8-Track , "Moonbeams For The Larger Lunacy" and "Orwell's Nightmare". After a few shows in the East Bay, The Coyote exited . . .
Aussie Bridger continued Add Moss, recording essentially a solo album, "Sacrifice Of The Opalescents" featuring John Riggs on one song, "Bodmin Rock" which culminated into his eventual and current position as drummer.

Returning from a stint in North Wales, Aussie reunited with Joey the Coyote and began work on a fourth album, "Anima" Based on the romance of Tristan & Iseult, Jungian philosophy and deep personal reflection. the record begins organically, sampling Celtic stylings that wind their way back into Rock. It was during this time that Robert "The Chief" Cheifetz made his first appearance performing saxophone on the song, "The Jasper Ring." Promoting the record, the duo performed at a Martinez Art Show and enlisted the aid of a friend, Jon Lesher to play guitar . . .

As new songs began to emerge, ADD MOSS became a three piece adding the talents of Jon Lesher. Jon, a lead guitarist and recording engineer brought a quality of professional recording elevating the output.  The trio laid down basics for 6 songs at the famous "Plant" recording studios in Sausalito and then self produced 17 more to comprise their fifth album, "Death Of The Exhibition." With a running time filling a full length CD, the record ranges through various styles, sonorously landing somewhere between Ween and The Beatles, "White Album". The trio (Aussie Bridger, Joey the Coyote, and Jon Lesher) performed one lone show together at Armando's in Martinez before adding Ben Mishler  to hold bass guitar duties and John Riggs taking over the drums. During this shift, Robert "The Chief" Cheifetz was seduced to become a lead voice on saxophone influencing the band's direction greatly.

As a five piece, the outfit has independently recorded and released two sister albums "In Self-Defense Of The World" and "A Tomb For All Thrones" and are always working on the next song and recording.

R.I.P. - Blake's, Kimo's, Uptown, Armando's, Shattuck Down Low, Borders, Ferry St. Station, Elbo Room S.F., Lisa Robin Kelly, Slim's

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